Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a gig as part of the 2019 Live N Local Festival?
Complete the online entry form and pay the entry fee. Be sure you also complete the section of the entry form that asks you about your or your bands eligibility as well as provide links to where we can listen to your music.

Is there an entry fee?
Yes, there is a $34 entry fee that is used to cover administration and staging costs relating to the submissions process. In line with the City of Port Phillip’s policy of supporting Indigenous participation, the entry fee will be waived for bands that have a member or members who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

Will I get my money back if I don't get in?
No, the entry fee is a non-refundable application fee.

How do I know if my band is eligble?
- To be eligible for inclusion in the Live N Local Festival, bands/acts must have at least one member who lives, works or studies in the City of Port Phillip. Bands/acts who regularly perform within the City of Port Phillip are considered to be eligible. Upon request, the entrant must be able to provide proof of eligibility.
- To be eligible for the Live N Local Festival, the band/act must have written and performed the original materials submitted in the application.

How do I apply for the St Kilda Festival?
Entries for the New Music Stage Competition (selected acts play the New Music Stage at the 2020 Festival, and the winner will open Main Stage the following year) will open in September 2019. head to the St Kilda Festival website and join the mailing list for details. All other stages are programmed independently without a call for entry process. 

How are the bands/acts chosen?
A panel will listen and review all applications. A selection of different styles will be chosen and placed in appropriate venues and spaces for the 2019 Live N Local program.

What type of music qualifies?
All types - we are looking for a variety of music styles. However all music must be original. Cover bands are not programmed.

What qualifies as a City of Port Phillip band/act? What does "live, work or study in the City of Port Phillip" mean?
In order to be eligible, someone from the band/act needs to either live, work or study in the City of Port Phillip. This can be part-time work or study, or a rented property. Working can also include musicians who regularly gig/perform in local venues. Additionally, such member(s) must make a substantial contribution to the band's performance. If you would like to discuss eligibility, please get in contact with the Festival office on 03 9209 6372.

Can I apply if I'm in an overseas band currently touring Australia?
No. Only Australian bands can apply.

Will the band receive any money for playing?
Yes, bands/acts receive a performance fee.

We’re under 18 can we still apply?